Used Car Parts

Fully-tested used vehicle parts

Second-hand spare parts are a great way to fix problems with your vehicle without spending a fortune on new replacement parts. Whether you’re looking for a set of tyres, electrical parts, engine components, or anything else, you will find all of them here at Atlas Salvage. Rest assured knowing that all our vehicle parts are thoroughly tested before putting them on sale.

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Used vehicle parts ready for you to purchase right off the shelf

At our scrapyard, you will find fully-tested used spare parts for cars of all makes and models. We scrap more than 1500 cars every year, and this clearly demonstrates the massive number of spare parts we stock in our inventory. You can visit our scrapyard, inspect and choose the parts you want, or you can place an order with us over the phone or email, and we will deliver it to your doorstep anywhere in the UK. Call us for more details.

A wide selection of second-hand spare parts

  • Cylinder heads and engines
  • Body parts and windows
  • Car and van chassis
  • Car and van doors
  • Car seats and interiors
  • Mirrors and lighting


We sell both used and new car parts at competitive prices. Call us now!

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Car breakers

Our car breakers can dismantle your car carefully so that any functional spare parts can be salvaged, tested and put up for sale. We can dismantle both private and commercial vehicles. Call us for more details.

Visit our scrapyard to inspect and buy used car parts for cars of all makes and models. 01744 612712 or 01744 611141