Scrap Your Car

Want to scrap your car?

Atlas Salvage can provide you with a fast and efficient car scrapping service. To get a no obligation quotation:

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Get the best price for your car

Do you have a car or a van that has reached the end of its life? Contact Atlas Salvage to sell it for a decent price. Our experts will inspect your car, calculate its value, and offer a great price for it. We salvage vehicles in our scrapyard for useful parts and tyres and make them available for potential buyers. No matter the condition and make and model of your vehicle, speak to us to scrap it today! If required, we can also collect it from your home or office anywhere in the UK.

We accept:

  • Cars in any condition
  • Accident damaged cars
  • Cars beyond repair
  • Cars that have failed their MOT


Did you know, we sell new and used car parts? For more details:

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Car recycling

Our concern for the environment is a fundamental and integral part of our business. We understand that our business and the use of energy may all be potentially detrimental to the environment, and therefore we aim to reduce the pollution and waste associated with vehicles by disposing of them legally and responsibly in compliance with EU legislation.

Get in touch with Atlas Salvage in St. Helens to sell your scrap car today. Call us on 01744 612712 or 01744 611141